Tuesday, November 28, 2006

World Aids Day

World Aids Day, 1st December 2006. Please spread the word and Light a candle to unite against Aids and make your mark.
Support World AIDS Day

Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Moan

It's the dreaded Monday.....Only to be saved with an extra 2 hour plus of sleep due to Mandatory off which needs to be cleared before year end. A Good Monday then and a much needed one after the hectic week.

Lets talk about TVs & Movies ( and some possible spoilers too!!) since there are so many selections around;

  1. Erwin and Godwin, the only Asian team in the Amazing Race was eliminated. Serves them right for being too nice and polite. At the end of the day this is a cutthroat race for that $1 Million. Now I m rooting for the Bamas...

  2. Grey's Anatomy Season 3. Spoilers..Do not read!!! Will Grey and McDreamy or will there not? McSteamy and what's next? (I know makes me think of McDonalds Happy Meal.) This is where producers like to play around in circle in order to get the fans coming for more. Sometimes it can backfire too. I love the naive Grey and the frank Christina. We shall wait for more......

  3. The Tyra Banks Show. Stick to Victoria Secrets and America's Next Top Model girl...We don need another Oprah to get liars to confess and Tom to frantically show his love!

  4. Casino Royale 7/10 .Bond: British arrogance at its best...

  5. The Devil's wear Prada 8/10. Meryll Streep is briliiant and worth another Oscar...That's all!

  6. Gubra 7/10.Yasmin's film lacking the strength of Sepet...nevertheless her movie is identifiable and barrier breaking.( bare butt and some word reffering to cheese with a man anatomy??? hehe) That judge in AF, what;s his name Adlin?? is not very convincing.

  7. Half Nelson 6/10 ( Independent movie that revolves around a Teacher who is addicted to crytsal meth and his relationship with one of his student..Highly recommended,with good acting and storyline!)

  8. AXN Ultimate Fighting Champion. I like..no question about it.

  9. Heroes. With so many buzz about this series that I need to download it. It's apparently like people with superpowers...I like that!

Some new additions to the household.....

baby cat...

Lily and her 3 weeks old litter...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Snaps

Guest Parking

Its been a busy week. A Bruneian wedding takes more a week of ceremonies leading up to the main event, the Bersanding ceremony.

Here evidence of a busy week...special thanks to Jason for showing this amateur shutterbug on his canon.


barangan Pengantin

Terima Kasih Banyak

Sebelum Turun ritual

Pengantin berziarah

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kate & Me..

Me and Kate go back a long time. When she famously started the new waif, I was in Uni then. I would see Kate in the papers, in magazines and in the many campaigns that she starred back then. That was the time I started taking an interest in her, following her career. One time, I even dragged a friend down to Tower Records, London to catch her book signing just to get a glimpse of her. I am glad to hear that Kate and Vicky are sisters in the Little Britain Show.

Kate Moss took the stage to join the Little Britain show as Vicky Pollards non-identical twin sister. I love Vicky Pollard simply for her notoriously british trashy attitude on Little Britain.....and Kate, because I'm a big fan of her. I'm glad that she's still in demand even after the mirror photos of her, even after the critics and fashion houses shun and dropped her. Kate, the darling of the fashion world,graced some hundreds of covers is also copied and looked up to for her unique ways of dressing style.

Thats the special bond that I have with Kate, Katie Pollard sister of Vicky. Good Luck Kate....and please please lose that loser druggie frail bf of yours, Pete.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Nippon Maru Experience Part 2

Last nite was one of those hot November night but that didn't stop anyone from having a good time. The PY which stands for Participants Youth as I was told by an ex-PY, were very sporting with their songs and other performances backed by the live band made up of cabin crews. Yes, I was surprised too plus they were good. Almost all the guests joined in and dance with every performances even the host, Nur and family dance the night away.
The party was also a gathering reunion for the local ex-PYs who also performed. There was also a special performance by a famous local artist too, who himself is an ex-PY. I think me and my friends are the only one who is not an ex-PY, even The Daily Brunei Resources is one of them.
This gathering is an annual ritual for Nur's family.

I was invited to the previous years but only had a chance to attend this one. I am definitely coming to the one next year...

This afternoon, I had a chance to observe from a distance the Nippon Maru at Muara Port. The ship were strewn with streams of ribbons held by the PY's on the ship and the other held by the PY's foster parents at the berth, slowly departing Muara Port as it moves further and further from the berth until the ribbon snaps. *Remember that opening scene in the love boat....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Nippon Maru Experience...

On Monday , I woke up with a sprained neck. Yes a painful one, while sleeping I think I pulled a muscle. Not good as my motion was limited and everytime I turn my head to the left or right, I had to turn with my shoulder. Feeling like Quasimodo ( from Hunchback of Notre Dame) all day.

In my misery, I did managed to attend an open house for Nippon Maru's youth at my friend Mao's. The Nippon Maru is here again, making its annual trip to Brunei as part of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme, SSEAYP.

Mao, who himself is an ex -participant of the SEAYP some 10 years ago has been actively involved in the foster families for the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP). This year he adopted 3 youths from Japan, the Philippines and Myanmar.

Mao's open house turned out to be an open house for all of Mao's other friends who are also involve in the foster families for SSEAYPP, with their adopted youths in tow, which congregated into one big party. How great was that? An open house/ party complete with sound system and flashing lights...ONLY in Brunei! I'm sure the youth of the SSEAYPP were surprised with Brunei, unlike what they have read in brochures, tourism etc. and with vivid memories of their time here.

It was good getting to know some of the youths themselves, their views of Brunei, their countries and also catching up with some of friends who have been MIA. In the midst of it all, I even got over my neck with the loud thumping background music of Britney......

Unfortunately I had to leave early as it is a week nite afterall......

I got an invitation to another one tonite hosted by Nur complete with live band..That should be good! Will post some pics soon....

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Laksa Night...

Sunday, the start of pink elephant week....wink!
Laksa night is one of the many traditions that Mrs.J organised every year. Last night was also a Hari Raya open and maybe an advanced B'day celebration for Mrs.J, who like Paris turns 25 this week. Haha

Everyone had a good helping of the delicious laksa. Simply Irresistable...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

25 Candles...

For every last quarter of the year is a roller coaster of parties & dinners as most of the gang's b'days are within this quarter.

Last nite we celebrated Paris's b'day at the club house aka Manjaro who turns 25 on 13 Nov. 2006. It was a good casual intimate dinner setting with Paris's favorite dishes on offer. Our friend, Yan finally give in to his hunger by eating not one but 2 plates of nasi goreng, which is more than his weekly food intake..A success for us, hooray! hehe.

The previous nite was a Nyonya Theme party for Mrs. Vw, which I missed as I was away..sob!

More dinner party invitations this weekend...

Bangkok Jam....

Bangkok always never fail to amaze me with new development projects, which provide a backdrop of sky scrappers for the city's poverty and slumps. This metropolitan city is fast moving forward with no visible signs of losing its shiny luster and with no visible marks of the recent September coup, unlike what we have seen in the news. I sometimes wonder how mass medium can be a powerful tool ( and misleading), look at the war in the middle east.

While in Bangkok, I usually make the effort to meet up with friends and this trip is no exception. Rm is one of those rare souls who was braved enough to leave Brunei some years ago, to live and work in this city of Bangkok. It is always good to catch with friends who we haven't seen, long lost faces you haven't seen for a while except for the email or two. Over dinner at Siam Paragon, we catch up with each other's life, how our friends are in Brunei and how he's moving forward with new businesses and life. Its been a good 8 years since he left Brunei. I wish Rm all the best with his undertakings....

On my way to catch the flight home, I had a good walkabout and managed to snap around the gigantic Suvarnabhumi airport....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sawadee Khap..

Finally in Bangkok; land of the Tuktuk, Sky Train, Katoy shows, Traffic Jams and Smoky air....

This is a much needed work/ break from the stuffy office and the lot.

Upon touchdown and down the aero bridge, I was amazed with my ooooohs aaaaaahs with the new airport, a very grey/ neutral minimalist/ zen like structure with strips and strips of escalators crisscrossing each other, almost like a real life set from 'Jetson' world. My only complaint was the long wait for my luggage....1 hour. I think they're ( the Thai authority!) still getting used to the new gigantic airport.

The hotel was nice, with a mini retreat of cascading waterfall in the middle of the hotel and the checking in was not as fuss, just the way I like it. The hotel's location is smacked in the middle of Silom, the happening street in the after hours.....hmmmmm. Some people refer to it as the meat packing district. meat... lliterally....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sunday Spells

I spent half of the day in bed as lately that's what Sunday feels like. Don't fret, my Sunday was anything but boring. The other half was spend scooting around Bandar and beyond.

Spent a good hour sweating at the gym. Training my muscle its weekly anaerobic fix. Still dreaming for the day my six pack will magically appear. Hehe

I had Sunday brunch with Baby G at Lee Loi Fatt, Qlap. This restaurant established originally in KB, is famous for its KB rojak and cucur udang. Tasty..

In the evening, supposed to meet up with my running partner Fen but the rain stopped me. A good excuse to skip it! Its been like that all week, hot and sunny day which turns to gray, thundery and rainy towards the evening. Is this the start of the monsoon season.

I joined the gangs for dinner at Tamu Selera in Bandar. Tamu Selera is a hawker's paradise where u can enjoy the many food stalls and booth to your heart's content.

We sat at the Thai booth at the other end of the place. As usual over ordered the food from the Manggo fish to the Papaya Salad.....but we finished it up before we can even say yum.
I have to confess on the way, in the car I assumed that this will be a just another so-so meal and eating for the sake of fulfilling the urge of an empty stomach.
My assumptions was wrong totally, the food was good.(Atleast at this stall anyway..) Really good!
Now I know why half of the gang make it their weekly ritual to dine at this place, plus its cheap.
The before/after shot.

I had a minor panic Saturday evening. The car gave up on me as I was scurrying back home after my run. Just my luck, it then started to rain. We decided to push the car towards the entrance stadium parking under the lights. Picture that, two of us with our tired legs pushing a four wheeler auto car without power steering.

After a thousand try starting the car, still the engine is lifeless. A fellow runner came up to us, took my spanner and began knocking on my engine parts. He then explained that I need to replace the starter brush of the car.

Like a horse the engine roared back to life....

This is what Brunei people are, a togetherness and supportive community. Thank You Man with Blinking Lights.

Happy Birthday Paris. Happy '25th plus' Birthday.........

& Happy Birthday Cat Lover. Meilan....

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Playground...

Saturday morning and like clockwork my brain wakes up early morning than the rest of me.

As usual the house will be lively and running with the kids, a day care centre for the nieces and nephews. I can already hear some rants and screams as I woke up in bed this morning. They get up to their usual antics; the older ones sits infront of the computer screen playing the battle combat and the sort, if not playing with their latest psp or mobile phones while the smaller kids would be running in and out of the house giving a good workout for their amahs.

Kids nowadays are accessible to the things that is considered a rarity and expensive 10/15 years ago. I remember back then in the 1990's, mobile phones cost the bomb and to register a line u need to produce a bank's guarantee. I remember dragging my mum to DST just to get a line. On top of that the size and weight was that to a brick. A good size weapon you would use if ever you were attack by stray dogs.

Also back then, after school day would be spent at the house watching animal kingdom or Big Bird on Sesame's Street or the locally produced 'Kap-kap Udang' with si-Manis the bee, our version of Barney's. Remember that? I'm sure if I rummage through the store room, I can find the VHS tape of that programme. I wonder if they have it on You Tube?

Oh and at that time they were only two channels, one RTB and the other RTM.

They were non of these video games what-so-ever, back then I remember owning the zoo animal figurines set, the kind of Made-in-China ones which you can find at the economy shops now. Play time with the cousins were role play and imagination, playing house under the dinning table and combat using water pistols. Imagine the look of my mum when the house furniture and curtains was soaking wet.

No malls or anything like what we have now, back then I remember Klasse Jaya and Emporium in Bandar.

The best times was probably the time when we got our own bike, a means to cycle out of the house's compound and explore the jungle nearby. I also love going to my grandparent's farm and orchard, picking rambutans, durians, feeding chickens and goats. I always want to help herding back the goats in evening It was so much fun. My grandfather use to have a herd of water buffalos or as we called it locally as Sapi. I remember him said that if you wear a red shirt the sapi would run after you. I wonder if thats true?

That was back then, the good old days.....

Opening to Sesame Street from the 70s

Can u tell me how to get....

Lets go (Red)..

I am all for a good cause and one of the cause which I encountered recently in many mediums is the (Red). (Red) was created by Bono to raise awareness and money for the Fight Against Aids in Africa by teaming up with iconic brands to produce (Red) branded products.

Why (RED)?

(RED) is the colour of emergency and the colour of blood which is one of the ways HIV enters the system.

The iconic brands includes GAP, Emporio Armani, Apple amongst others. They also have a blog on the journal of the (Red). You can participate by uploading videos, leave a comment, download wallpapers, templates, posters on the official website, Joinred.com.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sneak Peek...

IMid-Week posts is usually photoblogs but I think this week will be a post instead since I have stopped myself from blogging for the last 4 days. Too long don u think, considering a few days is like a few weeks in the blogosphere....

While nursing this mini flu, I have prepared a handful of drafts but still indecisive to post which one. Maybe its the paracetemol effect on my brain.

For the last 2 days everytime I plonk in my bed, I end up sleeping till the next morning in my clothes and not washing up.

No usual Sunday and Mid-Week post this week....

A Sneak Peek of the day;

  1. I'm finally getting that free trip after all, eventho it's a business one I'm sure I can slot in the pleasure part. It's been too long and I need to sharpen my nomadic skills. Good.
  2. The car is still in the workshop undergoing some testing. Too slow! Had a screaming fit with the manager. Not Good.
  3. My Brunei Marathon form: Signed, Sealed & Delivered! Good.
  4. Mr. Turtle is coming to the office tomorrow. Damn, what now? Not Good.
  5. Britney finally files for divorce from Kevin. Good.

Ok maybe one photo to end my post...

Ahhhhhhhhh. Yawn.Goodnite..........

Friday, November 03, 2006

Cute Kitten Sleeping

THis is for those of u who lacks sleep like me..

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hidden Gems

First impression counts.
So here I was having this meeting with this woman from this BIG Company, she was funny, intelligent, tall, dark but something very odd and peculiar, with her hands movement when she speaks with her deep voice, too flamboyant. I examined her in her Baju Kebaya, broad shoulders, small hips and feminine and butch..yes butch. A friend pointed out that Rose is infact not a real woman, she is or was a man.

I knew it!

We do have them here, these ladies, woman/ man amongst us, in high profile jobs ( .. yes u hear me right, Awang by day, Dayang by nite!!), on TV, in Bandar lurking in the dark alleys near the multi storey carparks. Everytime I drive down to Bandar in the evening, there are quite visible, sitting on the curb, touching up their face and sashaying their outfit, waiting for 'friends'.

I have friends who are like them, woman trapped in a man's body according to them. Always fun to have them around and brings that dash of colors to parties or any gatherings. They even get paid to perform shows in weddings and some very high profile events I tell ya....

I remember watching this documentary on National Geographic, Hidden Genders on the transsexuals in India, eunuch or 'hijras' as they are known as. Eunuchs or hijras are castrated at puberty, while others are hermaphrodites or simply cross-dressers. They are usually dressed in their colourful and striking saris and heavy make up.gold jewellery in their hair, specifically one named Venilla. The documentary centres around Venilla and her friends, their lives, their house, a safe haven which provide refuge for new hijras. They made a living by prostituting on the streets of Mumbai or invited to Indian weddings for their blessings on the bride and groom with their lively dance and songs. The Hindu believe that the blessings from hijras would bring the bride and groom good luck. Venilla and her friends are a the rarity, in that they also play a role in promoting safe sex and HIV by distributing condoms and pamphlets on the streets.

Yes we have them here, hidden but visible. So next time u drive down to Bandar at night, just keep a watchful eye.

Oh now u know, Venilla is not just an ice cream flavor...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mid Week Snaps..

My favorite mosque in Bandar.....

It reads: Building started on 4 February 1954 and Officially opened on
26 September 1958..

2030 HRS

1100 HRS