Thursday, August 31, 2006

Goodbye August ..

Today I learned the lesson not to rush to my decision negatively, which resulted in things I considered stupid. I made quite a handful of them lot, in the past which Im not proud of, but isn't that what life is. A learning process.Live & Learn.

As the last day of August make way for September Been thinking of new years day . It also days closer to my thirty something day......

Today I started my evening run to train my body after a long hiatus of slow cardio and also to keep fit just in time for the B'day and the rollercoaster of parties to come from the gangs, who almost majority will be having their b'day and also the binge fest from the coming puasa and raya..Oh No!

With September arriving, in no time New Year 2007 will be here soon..Not planning to stay here but no decision on it many destinations. Decisions, decisions, decisions..

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Diaries.....

The morning started with a Hot day but in a nice productive way. However the rain beat me from my afternoon workout. Its ok ..more time for me to sleep!! No wonder half of Bruneians are obese..according to the it?.

A friend in London just emailed me on the Notting Hill Carnival last weekend...How fun!

Oh Lordy..What a circus wedding and to top it off the Bride dressed in a puffy ball gown sang at the end.What was your own wedding? Its like trying to top off the top like putting a big gallop of icing on the's just so OVER! Enough of her..let s not even mention her name...Oh well for love or Datin? So whats next, now that you married your own Magnum PI.....

Tonite, had dinner at Manjaro and to catch up with the gang...Manjaro has grown to be a cool hip place to be and the food is really good.Try their selection of Steaks and Pastas...Yum! I leave u with some shots from Manjaro..

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Heat....

Its Monday and its very very hot. Still traces of haze in the sky but visibility is okay..even from the top of the hills.

Yayasan is 10 years old this week...Just one comment, Where have some of the shops gone to... Gadong?

Happy 10th Annivesary Yayasan. Go check out...Some of the things happening at Yayasan now. I love this pic of Yayasan, reminds me of modern European bldg.s...

There's lotsa other stuff happening all over in the weekend....will post it soon!

Unlazy Sunday....

My morning starts with a run at the gym and some crunches..On the way out I was offered the ephonemous pink pill for the millionth time by a beefcake. The pill that promises rock hard abs muscle and a 28 inch waist..No THanks! It rain again during lunch while I was driving home..

Did some rearranging and housekeeping inspired by Channel 11 on Astro..Had some good helping of CSI's and Nigella and went to watch Basketball finals. I don really like Basketball but if u never been to one, the energy of the crowd at the game is infectious, not today I went home midway thru the finals...cos Darwin was losing plus I wanted to sleep! For some of my Gfs, the Basketball Season for them is a drool feast... and they're hardly young girls, just young looking..Haha!

So I just got some bunch of new mags today..incl vanity Fair with Kate on cover. For some who knows me, I go crazy over my magazines! I have some dating back from 1990's..which is considered vintage and should fetch me some cash on it?

Oh and I had to put this pic here....Mariah s concert pic of her looking well, spilling out in tight tight jeans..

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Stormy Saturday...

I m not letting the rain spoilts my Saturday nite.. It has for the last few weeks! I need to get out, earlier during the day I already postponed my 2nd workout ( yes Im workout crazy on Saturday!), watch basketball and now to go out and party...... Even Astro doesnt work in the heavy rain.... Damn it!

I ve been learning to put stuff in my blog now. Im getting my creative juices into it so Watch this Blog! I just got a call from my Mel to get my ass out....

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hot Day...

Its been a hot hot hot day today with some hazey traces in the sky...Its Thursday nite and tmrw will be Friday which means weekend is only a day away..Yay!

I m watching reruns of Project Runway. The episode where Andre describing his designs emotionally, such a drama queen now thats a good tactic not to get voted out. Heidi Klum looks gorge in the world can somebody look so good in final stages of pregnancy!

Tonite is such a hot nite and I decided to go with some Gfs to watch Rimula Basketball tournament...It was good, Jordan Vs Darwin and Philippines and Saudi Arabia. It was fun..Oh delish!

I need some sleep now.. been playing with my notebk like nobody's business until late last nite. Plus I just find out that Hungry Ghost month has gone.....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Things I cannot stand this week...

1. Siti Nurhaliza: Damn Girl If I were u, a wedding is something private and not for the whole world to see and isn't this another tackless way of profiting out of the conundrums of such insane coverage of a wedding.TV cameras covering every inch of your wedding, your sponsored dress, sponsored jewellery..Maybe you're trying to compete with Royal wedding but Royalty no sponsored one, all pay one. Hi ya, with all the hoohah it just make it So kampung Girl...What's next..DVDs of the Wedding? I can see it..Hide Everyone!!
2. President Bush: Sorry this should be things I HATE. Always the political figure that u relate to monkeys.....the cause of all bloody battle around the globe..hello....Lebanon!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sad Day…

Today is a sad day, a dear cousin died in a freak accident when her car got mauled by a truck. She was 32 yrs old and was 6 months pregnant, she left two lovely daughters and a loving husband. It is indeed a sad day, just a couple of weeks I saw her at the beach. All I can say for you who is reading this, is to remember to stay safe everywhere, drive safely on the road. Its ok to be late for work or any meeting or any urgent anythings, what’s important is your life! I feel so sad watching her two girls today at the ceremony , so young, so innocent and not knowing their mummy has gone.
I see so many drivers not understand the danger on the roads and the effect of safety belts… Lets just pray together that may she rest in peace, AL- Fatihah.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Stormy Weekend...

Its been a rainy weekend with storm and gushing wind . In the paper and news the storms causes several havocs around Brunei, uprooting trees onto roads, damaging houses and road fixtures around Bandar. Even the nite bazaar in bandar was washed down by the storm. I saw some big trees in Gadong being uprooted just across NBT Sunday morning..Yikes!

However, the storm did not causes havocs but the storm did manage to do a good thing, it washed down the Haze ( ..the cause of my sore throat !!) and today it was a nice sunny clear day ..a GOOD DAY...YAY!

Spotlight 360

The Next Top Model…
This baby will be the future top model, look at this cuteness & remember her name ppl: Sophia!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Arabian Fantasy...

The Invitation was sms-ed to every guest which reads: 'Harem Erotica... Lavish Arabian Fantasy, Maharajah & Maharani, Sheikhs and Queens of Sheba, belly dancer and Shisa..'

The Living Room was lit up by moroccon lamps, sheer curtains hung between the bar and the dancefloor with sounds of arabian inspired electronic music, the smells from the smoky burned shisa adds a real sense of arabian mystery vibe to the party and the food was excellent(Well done Pris!)..the only thing missing was a real belly dancing act!

Everybody was sporting, in their arabian outfits that oozes fabulousnesss..(Checkout the Col. Gadaffi Lookalike..)
Congratulations to Chien for a great party!!!
Enjoy the pics...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Style 360..

Must Have...
What is a must have for all year round for the hot & rainy weather in Brunei? The must have item will always be the good old fashion flip flops. Wether u dress it up, with a dress or down with jeans, flips flops never fails…get the imported Havaianas version in bright colors or darker colors ( if u just plain!).Available at Bata & other outlets Nationwide.

Natural High...

The trek uphill is ccccrazy but the breathtaking view at the peak is worth every drop of sweat and aches at Bukit Markucing. The site is another addition to the already popular equatorial jungle trek in town beside the crowded tasek and the Shahbandar. The ground is more greener with pineapple, bananas, pandan plantations and other fruity trees n is less rocky then Shahbandar. The area is situated nearby the Sungai Akar roundabout towards Kg.Subok within easy reach from Bandar and closely link with the Mentiri-Berakas-Bandar Link. Too bad its the Haze season now..On a clear day the view is amazing..On fitness level, on a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate is as 7 ( esp good for training legs n thigh with all the lunges uphill & down!!). So What r u waiting for..PLus it FREE!.
Here are some pics

Saturday Nite….

Saturday nite, me & my baby decided to go to Bandar just to absorb the atmosphere and browse thru the weekend nite bazaar... its good fun. The effort by the authorities to re-activate Bandar with the Nite Bazaar is a good idea...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Ghostly Month..

Hungry ghost month is here again.. the Chinese-Buddhist annual rituals, evident in the leftover burned candles & flags that lined the roads of Chinese residents the morning after the nite before.

But businesses may be hit by a double whammy this year due to an oddity in the Chinese lunar calendar that results in two "seventh" months -- also known as the hungry ghost festival, when the gates of hell open and the dead walk among the living.

The peculiarity of the double seventh month occurs because the lunar calendar assigns an extra month every three years to balance the lunar and solar cycle. This year, the Ghost Month runs from July 25 to August 23, with the leap seventh month stretching from August 24 to September 21. Activities at the festival include preparing ritualistic offering food, and burning hell money to please the visiting ghosts and spirits, as well as deities and ancestors.

My own rituals & belief during this month will be to try n stay indoors & not go after or be back not after 12 am.... my advise be Careful

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Diary 360..

Happy Birthday Suffian & Ramsey.. Happy 30th Birthday. Yes u read it right, 30th Birthday (atleast thats what u wanna be..its ok we wont say anything!!) more pics from the steamboat party at Manjaro soon.


Yes I Love Kate…...
I m so happy to hear that my spiritual friend and muse Kate Moss is back with more covers ( the fall issue Vanity Fair & Vogue UK) n even more campaigns ( if u haven’t seen the new fall LV, Burberry, CK Jeans campaign …Hello!), bigger than before, way bigger than before drug scandal pics in the mirror (eat your heart our all u Anti-Kate!) Right now, Im starting to catalogue my Kate Moss collection. I have always love Kate, back during the Christy -Linda- Naomi -era, a truly iconic model, able to morph and transform with the fickle fashion pack … It has always been Kate complexity, piercingly evident in her expressive face, that has made her so compelling to look at. Over the years, the big eyed waif that has developed a womanly presence. Here are some pics of my girl, Kate!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

July 2006

What can I say... Im suppose to start blogging events since July but had to hold on to it due to the brunet melt down in m house ie. too slow! SO here s a recap of events n happenings in July....
14th July 2006: REUNION Party... also known as White/ Airline Party Theme/Cabin Crew etc ( Im confused too!!) but it was a good party..I like the 80's song selection.. Congratulation to the trio; Zul, Bill & Edwin for the great party!
15th July 2006 am :the BIG 60 HM Birthday celebration. HAPPY Birthday YOUR MAJESTY...
15th July 2006 pm :The Beauty Peagent aka Fashion SHow!! It was done well right up till the end..there re really beautiful ppl in Brunei..Really? by the end of the nite, I was just too blinded by all the flashes from Meilan s camera...enough already

23 July 2006: GOODBYE SHER!! Our beloved girlfriend, Sheryl left the country for look for new beginnings in Perth n discover white meat. Remember our good times & the bad, live it n learn. ( that pics: remember our last trip to Spore, brunch nasi padang)Good luck Sher...

24 JulY 2006: Accidental Hero...more of accidental midwife. Yes, u heard it right, I was at the gerai in Kianggeh to buy the ticket down to Temburong for work, during that time a young lady complaint of stomach pain who just arrived from Temburong via suddenly went into final stages of labor...blah blah blah ( isaid it over for 1 million times!) We moved the mother into ticket booth n she gave birth in the booth. Ambulance arrived 20 mins later n baby n mother is well! Morale of the story...Do not travel if u r pregnant...Believe me its not funny. I never seen blood like buckets n jelly-like.. ( No Stan. Im not adopting the baby!!)

Men in uniform..

So its that week of the year where we have the US navy pouring into this abode of peace, their naval ship docking at Muara Port. US Goodwill visit not one but 5 ships docking at Muara...No wonder they all over bandar n the mall, I know some ppl r looking forward to this season for business, esp the retail specifically the DVD shops cos the navy really went on a rampage stocking up on their pirated DVDs (see pirated DVDs should be our export products after oil& gas, ..another boost for the economy. hooray!!!) n pleasure for others( SPG Alert...Sorry Sher!!)

Talking abt military, Brunei is sending troops to Lebanon as part of the peace keeping mission.....Good Luck troops..its a start to make the world know that we CAN!

End of the big 60 celebration.......

Today is the first day of normality after 4 weeks of celebration all over the country. No more is the stressful traffic jam going to bandar esp. along the Sheraton ,no more smoky chaotic atmosphere , no more nitely hair raising performances AND no more people watching (SOB!)... Saturday nite was the pinnacle of the celebration, the icing on the sweet cake with a BIG 60 on it. This year was extra special Happy Birthday Your Majesty......
What am I gonna miss? I m gonna miss the eating late ( the only time during the year where I get to break my eating regime!)esp the Mulaut Abatoir in the capital n the Manjaro Stalls in Padang Jubilee. N evrything else that comes every year in July u tell me? Fireworks ofcos, every year it never fails to amuse me..yes Im sad! How was Tattoo... I don know why they decided to show it live on TV n why the need to watch the full dress rehearsel on the 28th...Its so anti climax!

Oh well, we had a swell time enjoying the celebration, absorbing the atmosphere and the overeating, there goes my 30 inch waist...more running in Tasek soon!

No pics from me this charger is gone, so my camera is kaput for now!!
**All pics courtesy of BB online

Blog Virgin...

The first time is always the most intense, eager to taste the what n how ....this is the first of the post ever.Time checked 0014 hrs 7 August 2006, this will be the start of blogging of the lives of bandar n the real people who live n breathe the bandar way........ so get ready!!
Last nite, Still exhausted frm the party last nite...good music but too loud!!!