Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tang Soo Do

Let me take you on a quick lesson in Tang Soo Do...

First warm-up and stretching.

Then its basic introduction of formation* Newcomers please try to follow!The most basic of the move is the horse riding stand and front punch. This is where your power thru the movement of your hip. When you punch and block, please remember to shout. Shout from your stomach, your inner strength.

Now the black belt will give you the basic one to one.

The master will then test your kick with a sparing session.

Tang Soo Do is a martial arts which focuses on concentration and control. I took it not so long ago out of interest for the beautiful art, also as a means of keeping me sane after the complexity and stress of a long day and that extra workout. The warm up alone is like an intensive class of yoga with the stretching and breathing control.

Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial arts form which is not very well known compared to its close sister, Tae Kwan Do. The difference between Tae Kwan do and Tang Soo Do is in its stand, formation and posture. Tang Soo Do emphasised on sophisticated formation and hand techniques as well as self defence. However, the class is not, I repeat NOT an avenue for combat or violence, it is simply a means of learning martial arts and as continuity of the Tang Soo Do tradition.

Brunei has its own Tang Soo Do Association and the training session is in Mabohai Sports Club. For anyone interested of joining or to try out, please come to Mabohai Sports Club, the fees are extra cheap.Tang Soo!!

To all members/friends who have long been on hiatus,
Master would like you to drop by and join the class from time to time.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Morning Sun

Every time of the day brings a different picture.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Other Side of Beautiful

What happen to the leftover food wrappers or water bottles after your picnic or stroll at the beach? The answer lies in the picture; Look at this beautiful sunrise taken yesterday, at the same time look at the foreground of the picture. An eye sore? Is this how we want our beaches to end up?Every year, thousands of people go our beaches and at the same time they brought their rubbish with them. The Brunei Government has invested millions in the protection and preservation of our beaches and parks. Serasa spit alone has undergone some face lift and reclamation work in the last few years.

What can you do to help? Action speaks louder than words. Pick up your litter and properly dispose of the trash. This is merely a small step with a big impact. A big impact in setting example to our children, to help preserve and protect our beaches. Each and everyone of us must take action now.

Leave your footprints but don't leave your junk. Keep our Brunei clean!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Live is too short for traffic. Lets take a moment and travel to a stress free place.........

taken at Pantai Berakas.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Mission Macro

Knackered is what today should be called. Exhausting day...........

Last Monday, I was on a nature adventure, to shoot the flora and fauna in macro and especially insects. I turned rocks and logs, rustled leaves and twigs but nothing except for the boring ants!!! Maybe the crawlies can smell me a mile away, maybe its the fact that whenever I found one in the house it usually is followed by a CRACK sound or the smell of shelltox! Ha

My search started from Shahbandar in the morning and then to Tasek Lama in the afternoon joined by fellow shutterbug Zadm. It was not as productive as we would expected with the light condition not favourable for macro but at least we get to shoot the waterfall in all its glory and a mini workout.

Sunday Evening

Continuation of my unlazy Sunday...

My last visit to Tungku beach was a barbeque's party a year ago, which reminds me of the incident when my friend's car got stuck in the sand. *My advise, just follow the track mark on the sand to be on the safe side to avoid the car stuck in the deep sand...The place was crowded with people playing ball, kite flying, fishing and people taking in the scenery. The wind was gushing like mad, my tripod nearly toppled over but saved by my camera bag. Scary*Sigh* In fact my destination was to go Jerudong beach but somehow the traffic was jammed and slow, so I diverted to Tungku beach. I wonder what the chaos were all about at Jerudong beach? Sunset was brief as the gushing wind started to form thick dark clouds, diminishing the chance of a fiery sunset.....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Morning

When I found out that this is going to be a long weekend, I preplan what I wanted to do in the next 3 days. The plan mostly involved photography. The photography bug has caught me like crazy even more than when I was an undergarduate not so long ago and partly due to my shutterbug friends. Thanks guys. Still reveling from yesterday's outing, I was out and about all day meaning my Sunday was anything but lazy.

The last time I went to Serasa,I didn't get my golden sunrise. Never want to accept defeat, I went again this morning.....


I noticed some fishermen on the shore catching fish using the net or rambat, also known as merambat and started talking to them. The father with his 2 sons, merambat to catch plaice ( a flat type of fish) and other small fishes in the early morning. He said the catch is for their own consumption and sometimes they catch prawn on their boat.

Picking the catch, Memisi rambat

Next posts: Sunday Evening......

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kg. Ayer Boat Tour Part 2

Under the glorious sky, the synchronise sounds of frames after frames after frames, click, click, click ish......Beautiful!

Kg. Ayer Boat Tour, Part 1 Updated.

What happens when photobloggers get together for an outing? Lots of fun.

This is the biggest group outing that I ever went so far with one tour guide, 7 shutterbugs (Zadm, BlackCat, Shai, AnakBr, Kanta and myself) one videographer and one lady shutterbug and entourage, all for one common passion of photography. The 3 hour boat tour turned into a 4 hour tour, what with so many to shoot and with some of us running out of memory card and battery eventually. *sigh*

Kg Ayer is a true photographers heaven. A great place for shutterbugs to run amok like today. What a splendid day!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Hijrah 1428

Its Friday, which means the start of the weekend and a long one too. All day sitting infront of the pc, I have been mind travelling to a stress free place somewhere under the feather down cover of a cosy fluffy bed like the one at the Empire. Running was a real pushed which drained whats left of the energy in me. I dread the word in my head, Sleep Don't Run....! I am permanently attached to my camera bag everywhere now taking every opportunity to shoot. As a result, my computer is getting really slow due to the fact that the blue piece of pie called Free Space under properties is getting smaller by the day. I have to do some editing and deleting this weekend.

Its the start of the New Islamic Year , Hijrah 1428. Selamat Tahun Baru Hijrah...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Love me or Text me.

Last week while waiting for my parents from haj at the airport, I noticed a pattern.
Don't leave home without it.

Selamat Kembali Ke Tanah Air...........

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sunset from the top...

Monday has always been unkind work wise but it was lovely day. After the long day, I decided to go to bukit Markucing to take advantage of the blue as the blue sky. This time around I decided to trek uphill with some strapped on weights, my camera bag. Yes, tugging along the camera backpack is a new in thing, u heard it here first.

Looking forward to the long weekend......

The view from the top, Finance bldg., DST Tower, Stadium et. all

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque.

The morning outing sparks my new found love for the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. I love this landmark, at every angle, 360 degrees near and far, it radiates serenity and peace. The mosque with its familiar golden dome, has been widely promoted and recognised as Brunei's landmark to the world all over.
I went again at sunset....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A day in Kg. Ayer

In the early light of the morning, I met up with Brn at the popular JingChiew (..aka the photobloggers secretariat..) prior to the day's outing. We were later joined by Anakbrunei. We started the day's outing from the Kampung behind the AG Chambers, all the way to Kg. Tamoi via Kg. Sg. Kedayan and the capital passing thru the serene Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien mosque, Yayasan and the Makam Kubah Diraja. The shady day makes it bearable to walk the mile long walk along the titian (wooden walkway), like anakbrunei said 'We just did the 19 hole not 18 hole golf walk!

Kg Ayer is a photographer's paradise with millions of that Kodak moment. Kg. Ayer or 'Water Village' referred as 'Venice of the East', is a collection of 30 villages made up of intricate mazes of housing, mosque and schools. It is home to 30,000 of mostly Brunei Malays living in houses built on stilts. One can capture the sights and sounds of the Brunei's people, tradition and culture.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

HDR Outing: Serasa Spit.

Today two long lost souls were brought together because of one common passion called photography. I woke up early, eager to catch the golden HDR sunrise captured by many photoblogger friends and one whom I was about to meet up with. On the way to the spit, the first trickle of rain on my wind screen broke my anticipation of a Serasa sunrise. I was wrong. The day turned out to be even better, I was reunited with a long lost friend, get to learn the art of HDR and catch up with each other's lives. The Golden sunrise? Oh well, I can wait for next time.
My friend, its really good to see you again this morning. Next stop; Kg Ayer?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Baby Step in HDR

Today like clockwork, the evening sky open up and unleashed zillion droplets of water to wash away the dryness of the land. The heavy downpour has caused severe flooding in Tutong and KB the last few days. The rain stopped me from running with the gang. It wasn't a totally unfruitful day, I went round to the nearby mosque in Lambak Kanan in the trickle downpour. I decided to try my hands at HDR inspired by my photoblog friends, Zadm, Bruneian and AnakBrunei. The processing part was pretty long but the result was worthwhile. Need to learn more though, one baby step at a time..

Fresh from the tamu...

The last few days, I have been a glass half empty.

Kembayau, scientific name: I have no idea... anyone know?

Kembayau, Scientific Name Canarium odontophyllum. (Thanks Ucingitam)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Negative Chi

Is it me or the internet has been slow as f#!k. Loading the pages is painstakingly slow hence the no photographs in this post. For some reason nothing is going my way lately. My next trip which I have been looking forward to has been canceled and the work starting to pile up. I can hear the words "Take it up as a challenge!, Cubaan..." Ok, taking it in. Company dinners are like sitting thru a crap movie, waiting and waiting till the many many courses ends.

I'm in state of dizziness. The effect of my colleague's drving skills which is like mad, with his braking technique, every minute like nobody's business all the way from KB to Bandar on an empty stomach.

Contemplating of taking other activities this weekend to flush out the negative chi, fishing, rock climbing, gym, skinny dipping aka as mandi bunga di tasek, calling up Madam Lilian Too etc etc...!

I wonder when the shutterbugs doing their outing again..hmmmm

Monday, January 08, 2007

Chaotic Monday

What an off day it has been? Barely a day back from my vacation and I am busy the whole day running errants dealing with reality.

My aircon spilling out juices probably missing me so much..Damn it!! I need to call the aircon man for the servicing.

I missed the cats appointment to the vet. But a feline friend informed me that apparently the Govt. Vets ran out of worming tablets. Oh well! My household is 3/4 made up of cats, which apparently is getting fatter by the minute. Yes boys and girls we're a household of PUSSY LOVERS...Haha

I went around Gadong to do the car maintenance and servicing. Sorry but I don like dealing with dodgy mechanics when they can't even open my car's boot. I rather pay more to a certified one.

I finally got thru that Ministry's of... hotline and talk to the officer. Its OK operator, I use to work with the Govt. too. I know 830 am is still too early for u the operators aka ladies of leisure. No judgements!!

I was in that early stage of having a good afternoon nap when Kimmy woke me up today with that croaky voice almost like crying. Shocked me for a second..Suspense!. Apparently its the aftermath of the weekends's party which ended till the next morning. Serves u right girl! Now lemme get back to sleep...

Must be the crazy day getting to my head. Love all around......

I miss blogging...Is that normal? After reading this via, signs points out to a YES.

To my running gang,

Sorry boys, will join u guys running tmrw. Usual time tu.

Sleepless in HK.

sunset in Kowloon

True to the reference of friends, word of mouth and the many guide books,this city never sleeps. Trams, express trains, buses, ferries and automobiles are all lifeline of the city. Buildings and landmarks are connected by labyrinth of walkways and tunnels which makes it easier to navigate around and escape the chilly weather at this time.The excellent and cleverly layout transport system in this ultra compact, tightly packed city makes it so accessible to move about among the two islands, Hong Kong and Kowloon. It takes a good pair of walking shoes and stamina ( ..and a BIG credit card for the retail addicts!!) to keep up with this fast city. After a few days in this city of colourful nightlife, inhaling the salty air, listening to the sounds of Hong Kong chaos and the sights of being one of the millions crammed in one small place, I'm so glad to be home.

A vacation away from home is good for the mind and soul especially with the one you love, but nothing, nothing beats peaceful home........

Hong Kong lights from the Peak

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school, the day where parents have to let go their young child, despite the crying, the screaming, the sadness, but these are just part of the norm in starting school. I remember during my first day of school in kindergarden, my class was Green and my teacher was Mrs. Margaret.

There will be no blogging for the next couple of days, while everyone is back to work I will be on holiday.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello 2007

Hello 2007. A new day in a new year....
New Year's Eve was a small dinner over a barbie. As predicted, the monsoon rain came down heavily but died down before midnite. We did manage to make the better of it, Good times and good food.
I convinced everyone to go Bandar after the Countdown....

Happy New Year...