Sunday, November 25, 2007

Loy Krathong

Last nite, Damuan river were transformed into the Chao Phraya where the Thai community in Brunei gathered to celebrate the Loy Krathong (or Loi Kratong, Thai ลอยกระทง) under the full moon.

According to Wiki;
"Loi” means “to float”. “Krathong” is a raft about a handspan in diameter traditionally made from a section of banana tree trunk (although modern-day versions often use styrofoam), decorated with elaborately-folded banana leaves, flowers, candles, incense sticks etc. During the night of the full moon, many people will release a small raft like this on a river. Governmental offices, corporations and other organizations also build much bigger and more elaborate rafts, and these are often judged in contests. In addition, fireworks and beauty contests take place during the festival.

More to come...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Look Out

At the cross road of life with no directions at all, which road do we take? The left, the right straight ahead......or stay put.??
Take the one that feels right and hope for the best...

Friday, November 16, 2007

A Family Cup

Magician at work..

I was invited for the Chua family annual event; the Chua Cup golf tournament party. This time around the reunion also coincided with the wedding celebration of Magan who flew all the way from down under..
Believe me, the Chua really knows how to rock the party and yes everyone had a go singing with the live band and the children were enjoying their endless supply of sweet treats....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

More CANON Celebration

A closer look by the professionals...

What a beauty.........
My renew must-must must have item( I must have it!)..on my wish list.
Click Here for more.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A CANON Celebration

Tonite Interhouse Company celebrated their Canon product launch which is a first in Brunei and with the presence of their very important CANON president. I attended the event as a result of being a 'canon enthusiast', which would have not been possible without this site all taken with my CANON........

Thank You n a Job Well Done to Interhouse for the successful event!
More to come...

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Charity Sunday

HSBC Charity Grand Prix at Taman SOAS in Bandar..........

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Sunday started with an early morning gentle and some sun salutation with the Guru with the soothing voice, at P & W 's place.. It was energising and refreshing to do it at this beautiful setting facing the bay...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Fresh Picking

Farewell and Good Luck to my dear P. Will miss u lots.
This is the last time we went fresh picking at your orchard on the day you left.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ice Cream Sunday

black cat tagged me so here goes;
Tell us your name
call me Ber.....

Three things about yourself:
Simplicity,Sincerity and Positivity..

What's in your playlist:
Maxwell's Urban Hangout Suite

Your favourite music:
anything maybe bebel gilbetto' ish

Favourite food:

Define love:
chocolate cake and lazy sundays

Any celebrity crushes:

The last person you hugged:
P & Love

The last person you talked to:
I don know....meself??

The last time you cried:

The last time you had sex:
Chocolates are my sex.....

The last time you made out:
I made what???..A nice juicy tuna on facacio bread with basil and olive oil...yummmy.

The last person you dated:
Christy & Kate..

The last time you went out:

What's on your mind now?:
thinking that I should've done that...nevermind!!

What's bothering you?:
Negative people

This year's resolutions:
its the same every year; Live & Learn

Your MSN nick:

What's your MSN nick about?:

What do you miss the most?:
I miss sleep, I miss my bed..........zzzzzzzzzzz

Current mood:
Sleepless & Exhausted......

What are you thinking?:
How to be a millionaire quick..hahaha!

Best childhood memory:
picking fresh fruits and catching fish in the mud when I was small
at my grandfather's orchard.

3 of your biggest fears:
my car stall...yikes! and another 2...

Who do you love?:
My Love...

3 of the things you hate:
Hippocrates, salted plum & durian (yuck!))

Do you blog?: