Monday, September 11, 2006

Attack of the SPGs...

I was at a party Saturday nite, one of those proper mostly adults do's. I was sitting down amusing myself watching a SPG in action ( all the usual tactic/pattern!!)What is an SPG? It basically stands for Sarung Party Girl according to the late Sporean model Bonnie Hicks autobiography ages ago, meaning people who only go out for and has a thing for expatriot ie. orang puteh, something to do with colonialism???? We have them lot here, locals who are serial SPG's..

Common Nature of attack as follows;

  1. Girl arrive at party.
  2. Girl Scan room to select a target or two.
  3. Girl identify & set Target. ( If no target..girl behaves normal!!)
  4. Girl gets tipsy and forge way to get closer to Target.
  5. Girl seek Target's attention( preferably in conversation or by standing pretty).
  6. Girl get even more tipsy and intoxicated.
  7. Girl seek more attention ( can be screaming or looking helpless) and same time look demure and sexy( preferably on dance floor or in conversation with Target!)
  8. Once Target is hooked, Girl who is intoxicated decided to leave party ( apparently to go home... another common tactic which is so true!!!)
  9. Target offer girl ride etc.etc.....................

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