Sunday, December 31, 2006

Countdown 2007

New Year Celebration is rather spent small, low key and qualitively. Gone are the wild wild days which usually last till daylight. Tonite will be no different, a low key and intimate affair, roasting meat on fire...

This is my last post of 2006 so lets ponder on some quotes...

I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's. ~Henry Moore

One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things. ~John Burroughs

Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. ~Hal Borland

Happy New Year 2007 All. Lets move forward to better tomorrow...

Countdown 2007: Last day 2006

Last day 2006 and Aidil Adha falls today. The menu of the day is meat lots of it, as rendang,as kari, as kurma and in plastic bags from the korban from friends and relatives around..

Today I made the leap to finally change my phone into a current model. I swear the sale girls were shock to see someone still using a phone model circa 3 years ago. It is a rarity for me to walk thru the phone shop so I'm not very literate with all these 3G, N series etc..Obviously my first priority is function and definitely size, my benchmark is small enough to fit in my pocket. The reason for buying the new phone wasn't for vanity but rather the function key that moves the cursor to the left doesn't you can imagine how my sms reads. Haha. What do I do with old phone? Anyone interested to buy one at $10, please call me. Now thats what I call value for money!

I leave u with pix that I took last nite at NBT with BabyG..

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Haji..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha....

For the last 3 weeks, my parents and siblings have left to perform the Haj leaving me to man the house including the helpers and some children. Yes, I have taken the role of guardian to 3 girls and 1 toddler to my nieces and a nephew. Coincidently the last few weeks have been school term holidays and I have managed to organise and to bring them out of the house instead of playing computer or watching TV. The last few weekend, I have taken them out for brunch and then go to some interesting place like a fun field trip such as the beach, rimba horticulture, bandar, the cousins etc.. Today after bf, the little one of the girls, Jazz wanted to go for some retail therapy to buy some toys...Now what and where to bring them to get some playthings without breaking the bank. My solution: Happy Star, the economy mart. The girls decided to buy some play-doctor kit and bubble guns..the kind that comes with a bubble liquid and battery operated fan gun.

So all afternoon after their nap, the girls were occupied with their new toys and I, proud guardian took the opportunity to snaps them in action...

This is not one of the children, just a gypsy in costume, a very very colourful friend...Happy Brithday BGer.

Countdown 2007:Random Pix

Random pix of BSB as a BIG thank you to all who made the 4000 & above hits possible... also I love the SOAS mosque which reminds me of my childhood, growing up in my Kampung in Bandar.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Drive SAFELY in the Rain.

The last few nights I have been sleeping with the sound of music from the heavy downpour hitting the roof. Tonite will be no different. The North Easterly Monsoon wind continues to pound the Nation which resulted in banjir ( flash floods) and land slide in the Lambak Kiri area. I browse the Brunei Meteorological Website and from the satellite image is mostly clouds covering Brunei. Looks like the rest of the week leading up to the end of the year 2006/ new year 2007 will be a wet one.

On the way to Bandar this evening I saw 2 accidents, one before the traffic light right behind the Ministry of Culture Youth & Sports bldg.; a silver merc hitting a lamp post from the looks of the damaged and the other accident; at the underpass of the big Manggis roundabout ( ..where the old Tiong Hin used to be!) I just hope the drivers are safe.

I like to remind all motorists to DRIVE SAFELY and to BUCKLE UP on the roads. I just like to share with all in the blogosphere that in the rain the brakes are even less effective on a wet road meaning at high speed, the result can be worst or even fatal. So please drive safely and withing speed, rain or shine.

I hope the heavy rain with all its blessings that it brings down from the heaven will slow down, InsyaAllah.
I miss the clear skies....

golden sunset at meragang

meragang beach at sunset

Goodbye 2006...(Updated!)

The coming New Year is different from any other as I am left to man the fottress as most of my household are in Mecca performing the Haj. The friends too have all gone to celebrate their new year holidays across the sea. Only a handful are left here, in this kingdom of unexpected pelasures. I have not been able to blog the last few days as the net were extremely slow due to the disruptions from the Taiwanese earthquake...

Amazing how the world is different in Macro mode.. and this is just around my garden taking snaps of semut ( Ants) in natural lighting

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After..

Christmas eve dinner was a blast with the rocking band and a chance to get together with the gangs before they all leave bandar for their holiday destinations.
I had Christmas lunch the next day organised by the sibs. Every year my SIL would organise the annual ritual of a Turkey roast lunch with other festive food on Christmas day. The best part of the day would be the exchange of gifts plus this year's menu included the wet and wild bouncing castle with extra extra soap/pool party for the kids and the adults too, all in their merry merry spirit!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The b360 Santa..

The net finally picked up its pace after the week long lags. I stumble upon this cool website, which list out the recommended wishlist from real people around the globe. A cool kind of social shopping with infos on the latest from gadgets to toys to anythings. In true festive spirits blogosphere style, I present to all the HaFukas my little something for their Christmas stockings;
Paris, this is my Christmas gift for u. Pris, I hope u like this, something close to a DVF.

Swiss Mum & Papa, to make the house chores easier at ChancyTavern.

Sher,Happy Belated Birthday. I hope u like this, for the lazy Sundays in the vineyards in the Perth!

Mr & Mrs BabyG, hope u like this, for the Jamie O/ Nigella-ish in u two! Stan, for that extra weight. Mr Qlap and SPG, I have to apologise that I cannot compete with the blueblack advanced Christmas present given by that lucky monkey in Bali, so here is something to remind u of that day. Mards, this is for the late nights in W2.

Fads in Milan, hmmmm I say no more..

Merry Christmas everyone, friends and family near and far....

Friday, December 22, 2006

A Manjaroans Xmas..

Mr. Qlap is alive! After a long hiatus he finally updated his blog with infos on the promotions on the Manjaro Christmas Eve Special Dinner or u can go to the Manjaro website. It looks good! I know it won't be as lavish and as over the top as what the big hotels promo around but in life isn't simplicity better? and with a LIVE band thrown in, its definitely a good deal and a guaranteed good time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Metamorphosis of a Lotus Flower..

I am fascinated with aqua plants and especially the Lotus plants. Babes has a pond full of Lotus and Water lilies so I decided to test my new Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro Lens. I love my macro lens, just look at the results...

the flower

the beautiful petals

the wilting stalk

the dried stalk with seeds ready to be harvested

Walking & Hunting.

The Sporty Team Desperate Housewives

It was a lethargic Monday so lets talk about Sunday.......

Sunday was anything but lazy as I was in Bandar involved in the Helix @Discover Walk-a-Hunt organised by BSM, to commerate the official day of renaming Brunei Town to Bandar Seri Begawan every October which this year had to be postponed due to the fasting month. It was a good turn out, all teams and organisers in their blue T's, including many local bloggers and some photobloggers joining in the fun. I'm sure they have posted their first hand account & snaps in their blogs.

The hunt also involved a series of tasks in the form of games for which each team are to take part to gain points. Each team will get points by performing successfully any of the games, one was the sumpit-the-balloon games...

This guy tried...

Suffian under his SPF 90 tried....even that guy from Alleycats tried???

It was good fun.It was also a good oppurtunity for me to walk around town and shoot some snaps... more pics soon.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Festive Bday...

Birthdays which fall in December celebrate with that extra festive feeling with Christmas and New Year celebrations just round the corner....

Happy Birthday babes...

Something to rant about,
When the invites says 'By Invites Only' does not mean more than the invited. I find it stupid how some people have no shame to actually bring guests to strictly invites sit down do and not even informing the host...!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Golden X-Mas....

My good friends Mr & Mrs Qlap started their annual ritual of putting up and decorating their 10 feet Christmas tree.Yes, a 10 feet tree in Manjar, beautifully adorned with sparkly lights and golden baubbles...... Merry Christmas Everyone!

tangled up from last year
hanging on
hanging some more

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Snaps of Brunei Marathon..

It was a heavy task switching from a runner and photographer but I did it. I finished my run first then I took my canon out from my car.
I clocked in 56 mins for my run, which was what better than my training.. Thanks SM, not iron lungs, power legs la..!!
There were apparently some controversy over what was to be confusion among the 21km runners who got confused with the lack of directions and ran for the 42km race instead....No wonder the mc's announced that they would be no prize presentation for the 21km and instead announcing a mtg at the stadium later....check it here!
Enjoy the pics...
Majestic Mosque in background...

Racing to the finish line.

the active supporters

finish line

The Shell Ladies all smiles after the race
The winning trophies & medals

Mickey even took part ( I bet it feels like a sauna inside!!)

Brunei Marathon....

Bandar woke up to a cold and wet morning. The rain did not dampen's the runners enthusiasm, who started to flock as early as 4 am at the padang. It was a sight to be seen, Bandar in the early hours, the energy from the enthusiastic runners, one of those rare occassion where you have to be there and absorb the moment..

Padang before/ rain after I took the night shots which continued till morning.

start & running cam

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bandar sleep-over...

I'm packing my stuff now for the Brunei Marathon to check into one of the apartments in Bandar. I' m still contemplating wether to run or walk but for sure I 'll be snapping some pics.... It's raining outside and I have to leave soon. The roads will be closed as early as 5ish am hence the plan to stay in Bandar area so as to escape the chaos tmrw morning. I 've only my clothes on me, nothing else cos Im not gonna shower whatsoever tmrw morning (What's the point, right!), a bag of banana for morning carbo-fuel and the all important sun-block. I guess this year's Town Track will be good to Bandar's exposure and tourism..

Last year getting up was really a pain what with all the traffic, crowds etc.................but it was worth it! Watch this space........

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Sky Open Up....

Today is one of those days where the day goes quickly, where u can only remember the moment u wake up check your clock and then the next time u look at your watch its already 5 pm. Everything else in between is gone...

The heavy rain in the evening stopped me and many others ( except for the hardcore ones seen running in the rain!) from having their final training at the stadium before this Sunday's Brunei Marathon. I just found out that I had to run on the 10 km race..What??? I was talking with a friend and he was complaining that his time in last week's trial run was 1hr 10 mins. I immediately changed the topic right then before I had to disclosed my time. Hehe......

December is the craziest month of the year workwise and within my social circle. Last nite went to a birthday/ house warming party for a dear friend Ams. He just moved in to his new house a nice spacious double-storey bungalow with the top floor loft-like design bedroom/studio..very very cosy. Going there was not an easy especially first timers like me who lives on the other side of town.... Happy Birthday Ams! ( and also Congrats for graduating in the flying-without-assistance program!!)

The previous post are pics of the house.

The New Bungalow 8.....

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