Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just Trois

I woke up at 545 am today to take part in the SMARTER 5 Hills Challenge. Overall; Tasek was a breather and Subok was a 'lunge' step workout and Markucing like always is a mini Shahbandar. Finally after completing Bukit Markucing in the heat of the sun, at 1013 HRS, my legs decided 3 Hills would do. (Visit anakbrunei, re:locate, aku and stupidlogic for more.....)

Something caught my eye at 3rd Hill.....

Yes, this was participants from Kg Subok who took part, a nini with her grandchildren and she was fast walking!! Amazing. What's your excuse for not joining???

Thank You friends who sponsored me, keep them coming for SMARTER**

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